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Auto blog commenting software backlinks generator in seo for small business & agencies

Auto blog commenting software back-links generator for small business & agencies. this is the best software for link building automation.
After lockdown many businesses will face financial challenges. Every Entrepreneur now going to think on cost cutting and I think every Digital marketing agency require to invest money on automation software rather than man power. 
For Backlink building many people hire staff for posting comments on blogs with their hyperlink, this result in attracting traffic for website. This is software which is nothing but a seo autopilot software tool for link building automation.

Following is the video Demo of Auto blog commenting software backlinks generator 

Following are the modules of Auto blog commenting software backlinks generator :

1.Import Bulk Backlinks
2. Generate sitemap of individual blog
3. Export generated or imported backlinks.
4. Add Comment one by one including hyperlinks
5. Import comments in bulk including hyperlinks
6. Set Delay in Posting in between random seconds
7.Browser Time out seconds
8. Live Preview of Real time action
9. Delivery Status
10. Anti-Captcha Algorithm
11. Human Behavioral Algorithm

Please Note that this is paid application. Don't ask me for free. For price contact admin on whats app or through chatting.

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